The United Reformed Church in South Leeds

A new centre for the United Reformed Church in a residential area of South Leeds.  The building is on the site of a former church, and has been designed to provide a welcoming and accessible new community facility.

The triangulated brick spire terminates a vista across the Belle Isle estate, and marks the church as a social centre of the community. The low energy design incorporates super-insulated wide cavity wall construction in brick and lime render, whist the interior is designed around a simple palette of timber, natural light and brickwork.

From the street, the entrance leads to a double height foyer space that forms the heart of the building and a social focus for the centre.  The foyer includes an open tea bar, with seating areas and gathering spaces.  A folding glazed screen allows the space to open up for larger events or to close to form a meeting room, with access to the gardens beyond. The large multi-purpose hall accommodates a rich mixture of community activities, as well as providing a space of light, warmth and character for worship.  Outside, the roof canopy shelters a glazed breakout space adjacent the entrance garden.