Stephen Dixon is the debut author and illustrator of The Gingerbread Man 2: What Happened Later?  The Gingerbread Man 2 is a fun, rhyming sequel to the traditional folk tale, in a wonderfully illustrated and kind-hearted follow-up to the dramatic ending of the original story.

Stephen loves making up stories for his two young children and has always loved to write, draw and paint.  When his son was 3 he enjoyed reading The Gingerbread Man, though not really the sudden ending, and one night asked a simple question - ‘What happened next?’  The silly story told that night turned into a book, some time later, which is now available to purchase in hardback, paperback or eBook versions. 

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Stephen has won awards for his drawings and loves to sketch the places he visits, when he is not chasing around after his children or working as an architect  (Stephen has borrowed a bit of his architecture website space for this author page!). The Gingerbread Man 2 has been hand illustrated using acrylic paints, technical pens, pencils and dip pens. Stephen lives in Yorkshire, England with his wife and two children.

Thank you for reading this debut children’s book - I hope you and your children enjoy a happier ending for the Gingerbread Men!  See below for a colouring activity sheet to print out and enjoy.

Watch this space for new stories coming soon!


Email: hello@stephendixon.co.uk

Here is a colouring activity sheet for you to print out and enjoy.  Click on the image for a full size version, then right click on the image and ‘save image as...’ or simply drag the image to your desktop.

Here are some illustrations from the book, in progress and completed...

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